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    The Control is the world's leading trade fair for quality assurance, which is held annually in Stuttgart, Germany. It brings together the international market leaders, pioneering industry experts, creative suppliers, complete solutions in hardware, etc. Visitors from all over the world can discover the latest products and technics and explore new business contacts here.
    The 33rd Control is taking place on May 7 ~ 10 at Messe Stuttgart, and ScanTech also participates this grand show as before.
    We will present our latest innovation KSCAN 3D scanner on metrology measuring in Control 2019, and our PRINCE 3D scanner with global initiative dual laser scan mode, structured light 3D scanner iReal and AirGo smart device will also be exhibited. Donít hesitate to join us at booth 3-3508! Our experts are available to answer all your questions.
    KSCAN 3D Scanner
    Infinite Possibilities to Metrology Measuring
    KSCAN 3D Scanner is a professional 3D scanner with the wildest applications. It integrates photogrammetry function and dual laser scan mode which are global initiative technologies. The built-in photogrammetry function greatly expands the scan area and improves volumetric accuracy. KSCAN combines high efficiency and ultra-detail benefitting from dual laser scan mode. It offers practical solutions targeting at objects range from 0.02m to 10m.
    KSCAN supports probing that can correctly acquire the 3D data of hole, plane, edge, etc. It can work with ScanViewer to fulfill different inspection functions such as pipe measurement, deformation detection and GD&T, which conducts effective, reliable and full-scale 3D measurement technologies for product design and inspection professionals.
    Easily Scan Large Volume Even Small Coin
    iReal White Light 3D Scanner
    Visualize Your Real World In Your Eyes
    AirGO Smart Device
    Deliver intelligent 3D measurement
    Wonderful Moments in Control Show
    According to various onsite demonstrations and customersí feedback, ScanTech has an insight into the demands of 3D measurement in numerous applications. We win high reputations when collaborating with world-famous companies such as Siemens, Boeing, Volkswagen, General Motors, JLR, etc.
    No matter what we achieved in the past, we will always keep customer-oriented in mind and unswervingly concentrate on research and development. Moreover, we will continue to be creative and innovative, so that we can deliver better intelligent visual measuring solutions for manufacturers and bring more powerful world-leading 3D scanners for manufacturing revolution.

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