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    Fanuc compared to other brands

    Hi all!

    My experience is in Yaskawa Motoman (DX100) where I previously have been involved from purchasing robot cells and after delivery I have been in charge of programming the robots.

    Now I work at another factory for another employer where we use Fanuc LR Mate. The only reason they have chosen Fanuc is because of one thing only.... they where the cheapest. They asked ABB, Kuka and Fanuc (not Yaskawa ???) and Fanuc was the one with the lowest unit price. But now I am concerned that Fanuc might not be the best or the cheapest way in the end and I wonder if you guys and gals can bring some clarity into this.

    First... my understanding is that Fanuc, compared to other brands (like ABB and Yaskawa) is not fully equipped from the beginning. Like a car, it is cheap in the beginning but when you add features and functions, you might end up with a pretty expensive piece of machinery. But when you buy a Yaskawa for instance the robot and the controller unit is what it is no matter what you will do with it. It is "fully" equipped from the beginning. I cannot recall that we had any discussions when purchasing a Yaskawa robot what kind of software features we need and how much they cost. We just bought a cell and this robot with this controller is included. Is my opinion about Fanuc not being fully equipped from the beginning a correct opinion?

    Second... Fanuc seems quite strict when it comes to documentation and manuals. It is very frustrating when you cant find anything online. And since knowledge is the key to understanding how to use the Product I find it strange how Fanuc limits the available information on purpose. I Think things were easier with Yaskawa documents. But... am I right in my opinion?

    Cheers! /David

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