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    Design of automotive interior products based on 3D scanner

    Nowadays, the automobile has already turned into a consumption-grade product that most of us can afford. After the new listing, auto parts manufacturers must know the accurate 3D data of automobile interiors very timely, which helps them finish the product development faster and keep stay ahead of their competitors.

    What do auto parts makers need?
    It is not going too far at all to describe the automobile industry as “changing with each passing day and month”. Pursuing private customization becomes a trend for more car owners. With the development of technology, 3D scanners turn out to be a great problem solver in automobile manufacturing. Compared with 3D scanning, traditional manual measurement has obvious shortcomings for auto parts manufacturers.

    Manual measurement
    Disadvantages of traditional manual measurement:

    • Insufficient data acquisition
    • Can’t measure the curved surface of automobile interior
    • Measurement accuracy is greatly influenced by the practical experience of the operator
    • Low work efficiency and time-consuming
    • Long product time-to-market

    ScanTech 3D Solution
    ScanTech 3D scanners make the best of their strengths in various applications, such as aerospace and automobile. Our PRINCE 3D scanner focuses on improving measurement accuracy and streamlining operation flows. In the following two cases, PRINCE 3D scanner makes the best of its strengths:

    Rapidly get the 3D data of automobile interiors by 480,000 measurements/s in red laser mode.
    Digital drawing collection and archiving to avoid data loss.
    Lower the requirements for measurement operators even for a new beginner, greatly enhancing the work efficiency of manufacturers.
    Step 1. high-precision scanning by PRINCE 3D laser scanner
    Step 2. manually link each point based on the structure of auto seat
    3d model of auto seat

    Step 3. get a complete 3D outline of auto seat
    3d drawing of auto seat

    Step 4. division and 2D expansion of each part
    3d design of auto seat

    Step 5. obtain a 2D outline of auto seat
    2D outline of auto seat

    Step 6. finish product

    The importance of 3D scanner is self-proved. It cuts downtime, avoids manual errors and helps manufacturers expand market presence. 3D scanning will set a whole new trend in product design.

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    Really Helpul article... Explained very well about 3D scanners.

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