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    Allegria Sodic Sheikh Zayed

    Allegria Sodic Sheikh Zayed

    A life of luxury and high-end living awaits you inside Allegria Sodic Sheikh Zayed!!
    Sodic Real Estate Development Company is once again looking at us with one of the most important projects that it has built, Allegria Compound, within one of the most important sites, which is the new Sheikh Zayed City.

    The owner company is always looking for the customerís comfort and satisfaction, so it was keen to provide all the distinctive features and various services within the compound so that the residents can enjoy living a life full of luxury, privacy, and comfort.

    In addition to the unique prices that the company offers within Allegria Compound to its valued customers, accompanied by convenient payment systems so that the customer can enjoy his distinctive residential unit with ease and ease, here is the opportunity for you now to get everything you dreamed of in an integrated place, which is Allegria Sheikh Zayed Compound.

    Allegria is strategically located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City
    Sheikh Zayed City is one of the most important and largest new residential cities, which is characterized by a unique location near several other areas, including El Shorouk and Sixth of October.

    SODIC chose this site specifically for its new project, Allegria Sheikh Zayed, because of the important components that it has that contribute significantly to the success of this huge architectural work.

    Allegria compound is very close to major roads and hubs, and it is not far from several other vital areas. In the following, we will explain more details about this site:

    Allegria Compound is located in the 16th residential district in Sheikh Zayed City.
    It is also located near the Rod Al-Farag axis.
    It is also a short distance from Alexandria Desert Road and Dahshur Road.
    It can be reached from the Mohandessin area in about 20 minutes only.
    It is 5 minutes from the Sphinx International Airport.
    The distance between it and the Heliopolis area is about 50 minutes.
    It is also close to the well-known Arkan Mall.
    Since it is one of the projects in Westown, it is close to a number of other compounds such as Beverly Hills Compound, El Patio Zahraa Compound, and Etapa Compound.

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