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    Why Is 3D Inspection Essential for Machinery Manufacturing?

    Precision casting is an advanced technology in machinery manufacturing. And the deviation comparison between casting and mold is very critical.

    What does customer need?

    Although manufacturing is based on drawings, there are still many deviations, besides, castings are complicated and irregular in shape. Hence, customer needs an effective inspection method delivering high-precision and time-saving, so that the comparison results can completely reflect the deviations and specified geometric tolerancing.

    Traditional inspection method, however, is hard to precisely get deviations for complex castings and mold. Therefore, 3D inspection with high accuracy helps a lot in machinery manufacturing.

    ScanTech solution

    ScanTech handheld 3D scanner HSCAN331 can easily handle this, combining with professional inspection software to make data analysis.

    1. Scanning procedures
    ● Attaching stick mark points

    ● Inspecting casting and mold with HSCAN331

    ● 3D inspection analysis

    ● Optimize casting’s shape

    2. Casting rod
    ● Attaching stick mark points: 3 minutes

    ● Scanning: 5 minutes (resolution is 0.6mm)

    3. Casting piston
    ● Attaching markers: 2 minutes
    ● Scanning: 4 minutes (resolution is 0.6mm)
    4. Concave mold
    ● Attaching markers: 3 minutes
    ● Scanning: 5 minutes (resolution is 0.6mm)
    5. Geometric tolerancing measurement
    Geometric tolerancing data by using HSCAN331
    3D inspection for irregular castings solved customers’ requirements in deviations and shape modification. ScanTech handheld 3D laser scanner HSCAN greatly enhances work efficiency and offers excellent solutions for machinery manufacturing.

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    Yes, This is very true to analyze the machine manufacturing is very important to avoid the wastage of money, material and time.

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