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    3D Inspection on Automobile Wheel Cover Rebounding Deformation

    What does the customer need?

    Rebounding is one of the defects in sheet metal stamping, which seriously affects the quality and dimensions of the stamping part. It is an urgent problem that needs to be overcome. However, traditional measurements such as caliper and micrometer, they can’t detect the deformation of automobile wheel cover due to curve surface, so it’s hard for manufactures to improve products’ quality.
    ScanTech 3D solution

    Comparing with traditional measurement, ScanTech delivers a cost-effective way to scan the whole automobile wheel cover within 20 minutes. ScanTech will combine handheld 3D scanner HSCAN331 with MSCAN photogrammetry system.
    HSCAN 3D scanner can be conveniently carried to workshop and stable in a different environment to perform high accurate 3D scanning. MSCAN photogrammetry system is usually used for measuring and positioning large volume, it can work with a handheld 3D scanner to decrease the accumulative errors, and can also work individually to measure dimension and geometric deformation
    Step 1: get dimensions of wheel cover by MSCAN photogrammetry system
    Step 2: work with handheld 3D laser scanner HSCAN331 to obtain 3D data
    Step 3: contrast detection between scanned 3D data and data model
    Step 4: improve products’ quality via correcting deviation values
    Time cost
    Attaching markers: 5 minutes
    Work under photogrammetry system: 5 minutes
    Scanning by HSCAN331: 10 minutes
    Data process
    3D data of the automobile wheel cover
    MSCAN photogrammetry system cooperates with HSCAN 3D scanner greatly improving volumetric accuracy. This cost-effective way helped manufacturers cut down the measuring time and provided professional technical support, so that they can produce more safety and qualified automobile wheel cover.

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