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    Ender 3 with MKS Gen L with TMC2208 drivers

    Hi all.
    I've installed a MKS GEN L on my Ender 3.
    I have two versions of the TMC2208 drivers. I have v1.0 with 2 pads and v1.2 with 3 pads.
    I have followed Michael @ TeachingTech's steps as per this video:

    The v1.2 drivers are working and I'm getting a response in Ocotprint when running the M122 command.
    However the v1.0 driver is showing 0's as below:
    Recv: Driver registers: X = 0xC0:0B:00:00Recv: Y = 0xC0:0B:00:00Recv: Z = 0x00:00:00:00Recv: E0 = 0xC0:0E:00:00

    I have joined the 2 pads on the bottom and run a Y wire from the v1.0 driver.
    I also notice that when I move the Z axis 1mm (the v1.0 is on the Z axis), the motor actually moves about 10mm. What could be causing this? Seems like the v1.0 driver is defaulting to legacy mode perhaps?


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