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    Building my first Marlin 2.0 Printer

    Hi, I have a Monoprice Select Mini V1.0 and for whatever reason the motherboard froze up and stopped just shows a black screen. So I decided to take the opportunity to upgrade the printer.

    I bought an SKR Mini E3 DIP V1.0 board and DRV8825 drivers as well as a proper Z lead screw stepper. I also replaced all the belts, pinions and pulleys with 6mm GT2 belts and 16 tooth pinions. I upgraded the hot end to a E3D V6 and relocated the extruder to the outside. The last mod I did was to do the Z expansion of 35mm. I have a larger bed i could add as well but i would do that later.

    I plan to use the existing screen if possible which i believe it is.

    The hardware I'm fairly ok with i think but compiling marlin and knowing what needs to be changed and done to get this working is not going as well as it could. I have spent many hours trying to figure it all out and I think I understand what to do.

    1. Get Visual Studio Code, platformIO and Marlin.

    2. Change the defult envs in the platformIO.ini file.

    3. Change the config.h file to match the printer
    - ???? There are 4 different boards listed for the SKR mini E3 DIP V1.0, 2 are 256k and 2 are 512k, one of each is the mass USB storage and one of each is without USB storage. Which do I want???

    4. ??? Do I need to change anything in the configuration.adv.h file???

    5. Change the steps per MM to double for the DRV8825 drivers.

    6. ??? Is there anything else I need to change for the DRV8825 drivers?

    7. Format a decent micro SD card and label it REARM.

    8. Copy firmware.Bin created in visual studio code to the SD card

    9. insert SD card and plug into computer, this should install the firmware i think??

    10. install drivers to board and connect board to rest of hardware.

    11. ??? Do I need to adjust the drivers for voltage or something when do i do this???

    12. Test it out

    Did I miss anything????

    I made it to about step 3 and I can successfully compile firmware but there is an error. something about unknown parameter "SeenQ"?

    Anyways I think i am so close to getting this working but I don't want to fry anything and could use some quick help and advice so I don't miss something on my first build.

    Thank you very much for any help and advice in advance


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