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    How to use Pronterface to create/save new default 'homing' zyx loca. on Monoprice?

    I'd really appreciate any help with this - I am new and stumped. SHOULD be a simple fix

    I have a Monoprice mini V1, and I added a E3D V6 genuine Hotend, and was able to calibrate it etc. One issue I DO have though, is that when I 'home' my hotend right now, the hotend 'homes' about 3 mm or so off the front left corner of the heated bed ('left' meaning when you are facing it, its on your left). Is there a marlin command I can upload through Pronterface to offset this so that my E3D V6 will 'home' on the left front corner of the bed by default like it did with the factory hotend? I'd rather not have to use the arduino, because I have already added commands through pronterface to dictate the temp of the hotend, etc. I basically need to upload a command that will 'Home' my hot end at X0 Y-7 Z0 (for example), then be able to save it so that when I initiate a print, that programmed homing location is the 'new' default position when homed. The X and Z are fine, just that the Z is now about 3mm or so off the front of my bed when I hit 'Home' on the monoprice, and I just need to adjust that to home ON the bed. ANY help would be great!

    I don't necessarily want to make changes in the firmware then upload through Arduino, because I've already made necessary changes and uploaded them through Pronterface, and so I think it may be easier to just use pronterface to upload whatever code is needed to offest my Y axis (literally about 7MM 'backwards'), then save upload / save that so that the new default 'Home' is set on my monoprice. Feel free to email me!

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