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    Lightbulb Thermal protection for any printers

    Hi. My name is Alexey Sokolov
    The printer is also dangerous as an iron included. We leave him unattended for a long time. I thought for a long time and looked for security solutions. I didn't find any information about ready-made solutions. The decision using octo print I think is wrong
    I have defined the following criteria: 1. The safety device must be independent of the printer's electronics. 2. separate temperature sensors on the heating parts. 3. The ability to turn off all power in case of overheating. 4. Compatible with any 3d printer model.
    6 months ago I created such a device. Until today, I've been testing it and refining it.
    What can it do:

    Can be installed on almost all printers.
    Monitors the temperature of hotend and bed. If the set temperature is exceeded, it shuts off the entire printer.
    No false positives.
    Implemented a shutdown function after printing is complete, when the printer cools down. Turns on manually when needed.
    The cost of spare parts 15-20$


    Now I have posted the project on Kickstarter. I would like to develop the project and add the following functionality:

    Add wi fi.
    Add camera
    Telegram or email alerts.
    Maintaining reliability. (additional functionality will not affect the reliability of the main thermal protection system).
    It is possible to create an application for smartphones.

    Let's discuss what functionality would be interesting to You.
    Ready-made solutions and experience are welcome.

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