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    How to sterilize a mobile phone to prevent corona virus

    With the spread of the Corona virus, sterilization of the mobile phone has become a necessary task, especially after several studies have revealed that the virus cells can live on the phone for several days, and thus may travel to the body and the person becomes infected. Therefore, cleaning the mobile phone to get rid of germs is a necessary step, but what is the correct way for that? In fact, there are two methods of safe, not one, get to know them below.

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    How to sterilize a mobile phone to prevent corona virus
    Many people may resort to cleaning the phone through a strong disinfectant spray, or hand sanitizer or even by washing it as it is water repellent, but all these means will harm the mobile phone over time. Therefore, due to the spread of the Corona virus and thus the urgent need to sterilize the mobile phone, many sources and manufacturers of mobile phones have published safe methods of cleaning.

    Mobile phone sterilization to prevent corona virus
    The first means to sterilize a mobile phone to prevent corona virus
    In order to thoroughly disinfect and clean the mobile phone, you can resort to wet wipes containing 70% isopropanol. This compound helps in getting rid of germs in a very high percentage, without damaging the mobile screen or its internal device. Here are 3 safe wet wipes for your mobile phone.

    1- PHARMA C Wipes 70 Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes

    2- LYSOL Wipes 110 Count LemonLime Disinfectant

    3- CLOROX Disinfecting Wipes Multi-Surface Cleaning

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    The second way to sterilize a mobile phone to prevent corona virus
    The second safe way to sterilize the mobile phone is by mixing sterile water with isopropanol solution, sprinkling a little of it on a microfiber cloth and cleaning the phone with it. Some people resort to mixing water with a soapy solution, but this step is not recommended by experts and they prefer to resort to an isopropanol disinfectant compound to ensure the safety of the device and its sterilization accurately.

    How often do you sterilize the phone per day to prevent corona virus?

    This is a question that comes to all of us, how many times do we need to sterilize a mobile phone a day to avoid being infected with the Coronavirus? Actually, the answer varies depending on where you are. In other words, if you are in the workplace or forced to become in close contact with people and thus use the phone frequently, you should sterilize it at least every 3 hours while avoiding touching hands. If you do not have to contact with others a lot, be sure to disinfect the mobile 3 to 4 times a day. But if you are present in the home stone, there is no need to sterilize the phone several times, you can only suffice once before bed, provided that you wash your hands well after each time you use the phone.

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    Mobile phone sterilization steps to prevent corona virus
    In either case, that is, if you resort to sterile wipes or a solution of water and isopropanol, you must follow the following steps to disinfect the phone without damage:

    Disconnect the mobile phone from the charger, headphones and others
    Disconnect it from the protective cover or the mobile cover
    Turn off the phone or Turn Off
    Gently wipe it with wet wipes, without approaching the empty corners
    In the event of resorting to the sterile solution, a little of it is spread on the microfiber cloth and wipe the phone, without approaching the camera
    For cleaning cameras and angles, it is preferable to use cotton sticks
    Leave the phone to dry before restarting it

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    How to sterilize mobile phone accessories to prevent corona virus
    It is also preferable to sterilize mobile accessories to prevent corona virus.
    The protective cap can be cleaned either with wet wipes, by spraying it with the above solution, or by soaking it in a container containing water and a little soap.
    For other accessories such as charger and headphones, it is preferable to sterilize them with cloth dampened in a water mixture with isopropanol.

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