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    Soundproofing Help

    HI All,

    I am hoping someone may have some experience on this.

    I am looking to move home, and generally ill be looking with somewhere that I can create a studio and put the 3D printers in there but if I have to find an apartment and use one of the rooms there for my 3D printers I am concerned the noise will permeate through the walls/floors and il end up being 'That neighbor from hell' printing throughout the night.

    I have a Formlabs Form 2 which is fine, not noisey enough to cause problem, but I am looking to bring in a Phrozon Transform which i have been told is notoriously loud with the fans going. I thought about sound proofing the room perhaps with those panels you see in music studios, if anyone knows if this is effective?

    I was also interested to see if there were cabinets of some kind that would work as soundproofing? i have search for cabinets but most seem to be ones that can fit computer gear, i wasnt sure if there was a suitable type for something like a phrozon.

    Does anyone have any experience on this problem?

    Cheers all,

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