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Thread: Octoprint setup

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    Octoprint setup

    Hi everyone,
    Starting my first post. I'd like to find out from others who have successfully configured octoprint. I am not having much luck. Fist problem with lite octoprint IOS, had no access to the video. Learned later that powering the USB keyboard, camera, mouse and the wireless would be too much for the the pi to handle. A bit of success with just the wireless adapter plugged in. Next problem, octoprint would not install. The camera i am using is listed as compatible cameras, would not install. Ok, tried NOOBS with again marginal success. got everything configured, camera confirmed to work, but wait, it is not streeming. wtf. I am spearing the detail but believe me, I din't give up that easy. I've tried just about every raspberry compatible version inlucding the windows IoT core. I've replaced several wifi adapters, and cameras. just can't seem to find the perfect combo. I am using a new Pi2. Any help would be appreciated.

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