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    Installing a kraken quad-printhead onto a FlashForge Creator Pro

    Hello folks -

    I'm new to the 3dPrint world, but am trying to make the immediate jump to printing with nylon. A FlashForge Creator Pro has arrived in my school's department and has the basic ABS / PLA threads with a dual-extruder.

    To avoid putting materials with different melting points through the same extruder head, I've taken a notice of the Kraken quad extruder.

    As I research what people have accomplished with the Creator Pro, I'd really appreciate hearing from the forum's experience about:

    1) installing the Kraken head (or any different printhead) onto the Creator Pro
    2) Whether the Creator Pro can handle the higher melting point of nylon (~255C). From what I've seen early, the high temperatures may weaken components around the extruder, which may put the kibosh on the whole deal.

    Any references or suggestions on these would be very helpful. Thank you!


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