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Thread: Ender 3 upgrade

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    Exclamation Ender 3 upgrade

    so recently I decided to upgrade my Ender 3 to have dual extrusion. this required me to upgrade the board to an mks v1.4, the screen to a 12864 LCD with an sd card reader, stepper drivers A4988, bltouch. The new hot end is an nf tc-01 hotend.
    so my issue I believe is with the firmware as I have two versions and they both have different results.

    firmware marlin 1: created using Arduino.ide unsure on the version xxxx
    the issue with this is the LCD doesn't display anything but I know the fans to cool the hot end and the motors for x,y,z work as this can be controlled via pronterface.

    firmware marlin 2: created using marlin configuration tool:
    the issue with this the motors barely move and the fan doesn't turn on when the hot end gets hot but the LCD works this time allowing to be controlled without a laptop.

    so I believe that the issue doesn't lie with the hardware as I've experienced that they all work. so I believe its a firmware issue which I'm struggling to fix. any help would be amazing!!

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