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    What are the differences between 3D modeling, 3D sculpting, CAD, and BIM?

    3D modelling - gradually 'building' an item by the subsequent addition of polygons small blocks with three or more vertices.

    3D sculpting - process that involves 3D artists manipulating a polygon mesh of an item like real sculptors. They shape, stretch, and carve it with digital tools, resulting in a very high-quality rendition of a CG object.

    CAD - CAD (Computer Aided Design) is same as that of 3D modelling but, mostly used by engineering disciplines like, mechanical and electrical field unlike, 3D modelling which is used by artists and in entertainment industry.

    BIM - BIM (Building Information Modelling) is also same as 3D modelling but, is used by architects, civil engineers to generate graphical representation and 3D models of buildings, houses, villas etc.

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