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    Custom built 3D printer from scratch

    Hi There,

    I am a big fan of DIY. I bought all parts one after the other and started building my own 3D printer. Mine is a 12v RAMPS 1.6 Marlin driven 3D printer. I have gone through many videos and forums and finally was able to input my marlin firmware.

    I did count the no of steps for X, Y, Z axis along with Extruder settings. It is 80, 80, 1600, 94.54 are the steps. ( i calculated everything set by set for extruder marking 100mm in the filament and making it extruder and retract)

    Things that worked fine..

    1. Homing is fine
    2. Endstop settings are fine
    3. All heating are fine

    Things that did not work from the beginning

    1. I wasn’t able to print anything with proper shapes. I am not sure if they are Layer shifting or may be worse than that
    2. I downloaded the STL file from thingiverse and slice it with either matter control or cura with almost all permutations and combination.. nothing worked!!!
    3. All my subjects are skewed taller!!! (Refer them below picture.. trust me i tried to print a Cali cat and it printed this!!! I have no idea where I did the mistake and
    what settings I missed!!
    4. Another issue is after about some time, the filament is not coming from extruder...

    Pls help

    My Printer
    WhatsApp Image 2020-09-14 at 10.41.58 PM.jpg

    Shitty wacky print! i have no idea what this is.. but i sliced a cali cat and gave a print.
    WhatsApp Image 2020-09-14 at 10.41.58 PM(1).jpg

    I gave up already. but after numerous hours that i had put in to build it. i feel hard to disassemble it and pack it. Atleast a single print.. not a good print, but atleast a print would do
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