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    Cool How to clean printheads of my HP Printer?

    HP printers are considered to be technologically sound and one of the most reliable ones due to the brand value it posses. These printers are a peripheral device of your computer and help to print a hard copy of your documents. Printers are getting compact and advanced with years but the complexity remains the same. So it is obvious that it may malfunction once in awhile over the course of use. One such common query is printer stopping to print suddenly due to blockage of printheads. Cleaning a printhead is an easy job if you are aware of your printer components. In recent times companies have provided even automatic options to clean it. Anyways HP Printer Technical Support will discuss a detailed description of how to clear the blockage and make your printing problems go away.

    Manual Technique to clean the printhead.

    Open the top lid of the printer to expose the cartridge of your printer. The cartridge is where all the inks are stored and the printhead is attached along as well.
    Once that is open, carefully lift the printhead without disturbing other components and see if it's blocked for some reason. The reason for your printhead getting blocked can be attributed to ink in its nozzle getting dried up if it's not been used for a long time.
    Now using a clean piece of cloth soaked in warm water, clean the printhead thoroughly and mildly.
    After the cleaning process is complete, put the cartridge back in its place and close top lid. Restart your printer and print a test page to see if the print heads have started working again.

    Using the application software:

    Many recent models come along with built-in printhead cleaner within the device, if your device is one of them, open the printer software which came along with the printer.
    Now go to settings and look for printer components and cleaning option.
    You will find one option to clean printheads among them, click on it and start the process.
    Your printer's printhead will be automatically cleaned and you will be informed once the process is complete.
    Restart your system and print a test page to check if the issue is resolved. Always print the Google Home Page as your test print as the Google homepage contains all the color scheme of printing ink.

    For More Details Click Here

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