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    Is 3D printing the future of manufacturing?


    By letting companies prototype faster 3D printing will lead to quicker iterations, faster time to market and more niche products. By 3D printing certain parts companies can produce on demand and offer more finely attuned products. By using 3D printing extensively companies can make what their customers want and move into new markets quicker. By responding directly to customer demand and wishes companies can compete with better products that better respond to what customers actually want. By not having to produce a million copies of something for it to be viable companies are more able to make better things.

    Designers can use 3D printers and 3D printing service bhopal kochi to make their products without start up costs. Production could scale easily and many niche and individualized products can be made.

    Much more competition will occur by combinatory manufacturing using the best of mass production combined with 3D printing to make products that were hereto not viable. Individual designers can enter markets that hereto were barred for them because of barriers to entry. Because they are free to design what they want designers can make many prototypes or viable individual designs without too much concern to existing markets or assumed viability. It is only a question of time before designers start to unlock hidden markets for products that have not existed yet. Likewise individual designers will unlock hidden demand for instantly popular products that have not been able to be made previously. As online publication now lets anyone be their own news source 3D printing will let anyone be their own manufacturer.

    Consumers can produce what they want and design things to be exactly as they want them to be. Things can be made that exactly fit their style, bodies or moods. By creating things themselves consumers will be able to express themselves through their products and create things that are of higher value to them.

    In the medical market implants and medical devices that are 3D printed will be a much better fit and lead to better patient outcomes than existing mass produced medical equipment.

    In many markets fit will turn out to be the critical criterion for consumer demand and this will lead to the adoption of 3D printing across many industries.

    3D printing lets you make a thing as it should be. This thing can look or be as you need it to be. Currently everything is made for millions of different people and marketing ensures that people buy things even though they do not meet their needs exactly. 3D printing lets you meet any individual need precisely. It lets you produce in a series of one for a use case of one. Currently companies are on a path to try to make one thing for as many people as possible, distribute this thing as widely as is possible and market this thing as widely as is possible. 3D printing is an alternative way of doing business whereby higher value better fit products are created for individuals. While mass production can not make the "best" of anything 3D printing will be able to do so. 3d printing castable Jewelry surat gujarat

    In this manner I believe 3D printing to be the future of manufacturing. Things will still be made in the old way but a new industrial revolution will mean that much of the future value creation in manufacturing will be in 3D printing.
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