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    My 3D printer checks axis' home during print. Often wrecking the print

    My Tevo Tornado has picked up this habit along the way of checking axes during a print.

    It is mostly fine when it happens on the X or Y-axis, as the only resulting issue is a string on the outside of the print, but it's a problem on the Z-axis as you can imagine. I just had a print wrecked as the nozzle unit got lowered into it and started pushing against it. I used to slice with Cura but have since moved to Slic3r, the issue remains. I don't think it's a G-code problem as it doesn't happen at the same points during prints.

    While X and Y-axis checks are relatively common (1 every 15-20 minutes or so) the Z-axis checks have happened only twice on longer prints with devastating results.

    I'm assuming this is a software/firmware/settings issue. What am I missing?

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