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    New Slicing Strategy - Shifting Layers for Higher Density!

    Hello everyone
    I am kind of a new member to your forum. As I was discovering the different rooms and reading some interesting threads and interactions in here, I thought to my self why not write a post about something that I have been struggling with lately. It is not really a specific issue but rather a slicing strategy I would like to achieve but I still do not know exactly how. In short, as opposed to the classical identical slicing from one layer to the next, I would like to slightly shift the deposited lines from one layer to the next as explained in the attached file (case 2). For context, this fits into a project I am working on it lately which deals with achieving high-density 3D-prints at high temperatures. One can imagine that by slightly shifting the layers the interlayer gaps could be efficiently filled via this alternative strategy.

    I am very excited to hear your opinions and pieces of advice

    Thank you so much ahead!!

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