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    wondering what people think of the E3D chimera hot end for ABS and HIPS

    Hello everyone! I am new to the forums but I am not new to 3d printing. At this time I can do PLA,ABS and TPU but I mainly focus on ABS sense its stable during direct sunlight. I am currently looking into a E3D chimera hot end for some prints using ABS and HIPS but I am not sure if the chimera would be a good choice. I Own a ender 3 but any hot end that will allow me to print about a 150x150x100mm cube is probably about all I really need. If not the chimera then what dual nozzle would you recommend for an ender 3? E3D Chimera+ Air Cooled Dual Extrusion Hotend - 1.75mm (24v) | MatterHackers

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