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Thread: AM8 Build Help

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    AM8 Build Help


    I didn't know where to post as I need help, I bought a Anet A8 about a year and a half ago and with it I printed all the parts for a AM8. I Had the intention of converting the one I purchased to a AM8. This alas did not happen, I ended up buying all the bits separately to finish the build. It was a great learning experience and I'm glad I took this route and I felt that I understood more how the machine works.

    But here lies my problems, I don't seem to be able to get a decent print from it. Don't get me wrong I do get rough prints but not quite the results I have seen others are getting from Their AM8's. For instance I get banding on the z axis, slight bridges such as screw holes don't work, my bed adhesion is poor and to be honest just really messy Prints.

    Now I will be honest even though I have had a 3d printer for a while I'm really still a noob, and honestly could be missing something quite simple.

    my ultimate goal is to get this printer to a standard where I can print figures and busts at high quality that I can paint. Please see the pictures below and any advice would be greatly received.

    20190627_230729.jpg 20190630_162810.jpg20190630_162817.jpg

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