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    ProX 100 and ProX 200 from 3DS

    Hi printers, I've looked high and low for forums regarding the ProX 100 and ProX 200 metal printers from 3DS on the interwebs but could not find any. So, I figured I start one here. I'm looking for techs, engineers, and/or scientists that have or are working on these tools, for advice. In particular, I'm developing the material data set for 316L on the ProX 100, which was never developed by the manufacturer. I've ran into some issues and wanted to know if anyone out there has tried something similar. I'm also looking to start the discussion on other topics like using heated powder, methods for drying powder, changing the flow dynamics of the fume collection system. I'm always looking to find what else these printers can do and to push the limits. If you have something to add, I'd be interested to hear from you.

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