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    My printer experience

    Last month, I bought a 3D printer LD-002R from Creality. I have to say this printer is so excellent. But there is two things you need to notice. On the one hand, it is about the model placement. When the model is placed in different positions, the printed model will be different. Different angles have different printing effects and different model integrity. Therefore, when I use LD-002R to print the model, I must pay attention to the placement of the model. After my several tests, I find the best placement is parallel to the platform.(yes, Itís a bit of truble) although I donít like this point, the model printed with LD-002R has smooth surface and high precision. So I accept this printer. On the another hand, itís about the resin. As we all know, the most common resin types can divide into rigid resin, dental resin and rigid toughness resin. The resin price is different, the shrinkage is different, and the printed model is different. So when I printed the model, I chose the standard resin or better resin. It printed a high-precision and high-quality model.

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