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    Need someone to print some arcade parts!

    Hello I am new here and looking for someone to print some parts for an arcade machine. I have the parts that I can send to be scanned and copied (but want printed in different colors).
    The parts are about 13.5in long and 6in tall and 1in thick (actually 2 Parts that screw together and is mostly hollow between them)
    Does anyone offer this service? I need 2 sets (4 parts) printed and if the quality is good I can easily find several more people that want them so I would order approximately 10-20 more sets if the price is right.

    I thought about buying a printer but most of the cheaper ones will not make 14in long parts.
    I can email a pic of what I need done for a price quote. The pump section is a separate piece that I would like made also.
    I can send you a complete part for you to scan if we agree on a price.
    [email protected]

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