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  1. 3D Printed Cars: How 3D Printing Will Revolutionize the Automotive Industry

    This article is meant to list off some of the most prominent ways that 3D printing has altered the landscape for car manufacturing. Another purpose is to list the various projects in development or rising to prominence based on what need they fill in terms of car manufacturing. The article will also posit ideas on the possible futures of the technology within the car industry.

    The design of the cars have been different in every decade, a car with its design reflect the decade it was ...
  2. 3D printing and toys

    The development of digital technologies provided us with a possibility to immerse into virtual world and to “co-exist” with our favourite characters, and then, thanks to 3D printing we can reproduce them in our world. Finally, it is possible to make our ideas more tangible, and it is so much better to hold your creation in your arms than to look at its drawn version.

    3D printing ushers in a new era of the toys history. The world largest companies have already understood the tendencies ...
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  5. why to choose HE3D printer?

    Why to choose HE3D printer?
    1 we have worked in DIY 3Dprinter many years
    we have enough experience to make the printer good enough

    2 every year , our development team public new printers
    our researching on printer never stop

    3 our brand is located in low price printer, but the quality of our printer parts is the best in the same level printer

    3 we have good cooperation logistics company
    they can promise the shipping is the ...
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