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  1. Don't Know How to 3d Print? Problem Solved!

    Do you have a unique idea in mind that you want to create and realize? Do you have a fantastic design of the dress you want to wear? Do you want to wear a dress made of Gold? Do you want to have a prosthetic arm made from Titanium? Do you want to physically see and touch the cellular models you studied in your Chemistry?


    Whatever ideas you have, it is absolutely possible to make them realize in real life! You can transform your ideas into ...
  2. 3D Printed Cars: How 3D Printing Will Revolutionize the Automotive Industry

    This article is meant to list off some of the most prominent ways that 3D printing has altered the landscape for car manufacturing. Another purpose is to list the various projects in development or rising to prominence based on what need they fill in terms of car manufacturing. The article will also posit ideas on the possible futures of the technology within the car industry.

    The design of the cars have been different in every decade, a car with its design reflect the decade it was ...