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    Serious problem.. Print failure at specific layer. Please help..

    Hey guys.
    Have no idea what's going on, and have no where else to go...
    Been 3D printing for years now, and have never come across an issue like this.

    Printing PLA (Multiple brands) @ 210C-215C (and everywhere in between).... Current print is 100% infill, although most is support material.
    Currently printing on an Anet A8 via SD card.

    After "X" layers, suddenly the print fails.. Gaps form in the print, layer adhesion fails, it's as if there's not enough filament going through the extruder.
    I'm usually able to research the problem online, and have it resolved but this time it is different.
    I've gone through over 3KG of filament, and every time at a random layer the print fails.
    Can anyone please give me some insight..?

    If anyone has ANY information on what may be going on, please let me know.
    I'm completely at a loss.
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    The point of failure is where your printer, for a reason only you will be able to determine, stops feeding enough material to correctly form the layer being laid down, if you want to see exactly those symptoms in an entire print simply telling your slicer that the filament is larger than it is will cause under-feeding and make a print like that.

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