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    What Is Screen Print Vs Digital Print

    Screen Printing
    For screen printing, technicians first create the stencil. After this, special inks are used to print through the stencil on the garment layer by layer. For every color, the technician uses one screen plate. Therefore, the number of plates needed grows with the number of colors. That is why; printers often try to cut the cost by printing more number of garments with the plates. Screen printing is more traditional that has somehow managed to survive in a modern world where printers need thousands of impressions at once.

    Digital Printing
    Digital Printing is a much more advanced printing process. It involves the process of printing directly on to the surface of the fabric. In addition, there is no heating process involved in digital printing. It does not need any separate stencils for different colors either which drastically cuts cost. Hence, this type of printing suits businesses where the output is on the lower side.

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    Digital printing and Screen printing are the most popular printing methods in the clothing industry. To choose between them will depend on your needs, the material you want to print on and the quantity you desire. Screen printing is used to print darker colors on your fabrics, while digital printing is used to print lighter-colored designs.

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