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    Question Are there projects to copy car parts? / Printing rubber parts (wishbone bearing...)


    There are a few replacement car parts on thingiverse.
    For example, Sun visor holder.
    Unfortunately not for rubber bearings.
    Is there a place where I can ask for it?
    For example, an automotive forum with 3D printing area.
    Or a 3D printing forum with automotive area.

    I can not do a scan.
    In addition, I would have to buy the expensive parts before.
    I want to avoid that ;-). A dilemma.

    Two wishbone rubbers for the Chrysler Grand Voyager 4 3.3 cost about $ 30 plus postage (Central Europe).
    That seems to me a lot for two little pieces of rubber. Possibly. 1.5in x 1.5in.
    I think it exists hard rubber filament.
    Does that have the consistency of rubber bearings?


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