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    Printing problem with Cura and Creality CR-10s pro v2

    Using thingyverse Shars_AXA_v2.stl I downloaded and printed and found it to not fit my Aloris tool post so I changed the scale and redid this over and over until I got very close to getting it to work I ran into the following. It stopped filling in the top layers and showed the latice work. Can anyone tell me why and how to get a scale correct the first time without having to spend so much filament in trial and error?Aloris tool holder pictures.jpg

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    There are a couple of possible reasons:

    1. A clogged nozzle
    2. Issues with the linear rails that cause your hot end to not move up as high as they should.
    3. Poor cooling on the top layers, or top layers being printed too hot, resulting in severe pillowing
    4. Not enough top layers.

    I will be writing about this in 3BA blog soon, here is the link for your future reference.

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