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    Printing with ABS on an Ender 3 Pro, warping ...looking for help

    Hi Folks

    I am new to 3d printing.
    It is very interesting and I bought the Ender 3 pro as a way of getting started small (I knew absolutely NOTHING a few days ago).

    I started with printing the samples (dog, elephant) and it worked good after learning the adjustments etc.

    I ran out of filament and went to a local hobby store where a guy sold me a box of the white 1.75mm

    I tried to print something that I downloaded and it was a wreck, the stuff wouldn't stick.

    I looked at the box and after a little research I learned that this was different material which required different temps.

    So I set the nozzle to 250c and the bed to 110c (the max on this model).

    After a heat error and reset I was able to print.

    It seemed to be going ok but then as the print progressed it started to curl up and eventually came off the bed due to nozzle collision (due to the warp/curl of the item)

    So with a little research I saw an article on mods that mentioned modifying the part fan.
    It refers to some things that don't seem to match the PRO.

    Wondering if anyone on here can assist with this problem I am having.


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