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    Problem with printing

    I have a Balco 3d Printer HE180021 which was purchased from Aldi, it has worked fine for a while but now I cant get it to do a decent print if I build it in Fusion 360
    If I try to print a part and slice it in Cura 4.6.1 it just wont start and the filament gets stuck to the nozzle, I have tried a new nozzle, reset bed level, new bed mat but still no difference.
    If I print off a file that came with the bundle in the printer it works fine so it cant be the printer. So I think its to do with the Fusion360 / Cura set up, I compared the settings in Cura and its the same pre slicer settings with the .stl file that came with the Printer and the one I made in Fusion 360, they are identical, is there anything else I could check?

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