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    Printer gradually underextrudes while printing models with lots of small perimeters

    Hi everyone,
    I am a relative newbie, printing for less than a month now, and so far my prints were fine. I have printed several designs of my own using a selection of materials (PLA and PETG) from different brands.

    Recently I have encountered issues, see below:

    - Make: Creality
    - Model: CR-10 MAX
    - Any Mods: NO
    - Firmware: Merlin 1.7
    - Material: PETG
    - Brand: Gembird, Devil Design
    - Print Temp: 230
    - Bed Temp: 80
    - Any relevant settings: Retraction speed 25mm/s, retraction distance 6.5mm
    - What Slicer are you using?: PrusaSlicer and Cura
    Printer Health
    - Calibrated XYZ?: Yes
    - Calibrated E steps?: Yes
    - Calibrated Flow?: Yes
    - Calibrated retraction / Coasting?: Yes
    - Have you hot tightened your nozzle?: Yes
    Any recent changes to:
    - The printer: NO
    - Slicer Settings: NO
    - Firmware: NO
    - What are you trying to do?: Print any item with lots of small perimeters
    - What is it not doing?: It gradually underextrudes while printing small perimeters until it clogs. Extruder starts skipping, then slowly eats out the filament in that area until the filament breaks inside the Bowden Tube. If printing larger perimeters it never clogs. This only happens while printing lots of small perimeters with lots of retractions and moving around. Z-Hop is 0.4mm
    - What steps have you tried so far?: Changed filament to other PETG brand, increased printing temperature, reduced retraction distance to 5mm, decreased printing speed.
    I am at a loss of attempts to get this fixed... please help. Thank you!

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