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    First print made of diagonal strands (Creality Ender 3)

    Just got a Creality Ender 3 yesterday. Set it up and ran the dog test print. Photo below.

    I used the sample filament that came with the machine. I'm not 100% what kind it is, but assuming it is 1.75mm PLA.

    No matter what temperature I set the end and bed, when I launched the print, it would change to 200 end, 45 bed. Is that because the two temperatures are set within the gcode file? Do I need to set a higher nozzle temperature? And to do so, will I have to alter the Gcode file?

    Does the head need cleaned? I did try some blue ABS I bought, and didn't work, so I switched it to the sample filament. There was still some blue ABS in it, but seemed to be gone after a few seconds after the extrusion turned pure white. But might there still be some ABS clogging or slowing the filament?

    Is the motor that moves the filament moving too slow?

    Is the head moving too fast?

    Should I use a glass bed?


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