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    My first print...

    I got an Anycubic Photon Mono X i sliced everything usipng Lychee clicer, any other slicer you would recommend for thpe best results? We could call it a failure, supports peeled off the printing platform, but im happy i stopped the print as i did, because the detail seems kinda washed out compared to my 3d sculpture, and there are some holes in the print (i might have contaminated the resin with a spray of IPA other than that), not sure what caused them. Should i made the detail stronger in zbrush? Or is the detail supposed to be like this?

    Those are the results of my first print...
    Dropbox - IMAG0161.jpg - Simplify your life
    Dropbox - IMAG0160.jpg - Simplify your life
    Dropbox - IMAG0159.jpg - Simplify your life

    And the original screencaps from ZBrush...
    Dropbox - e5c315c8971ad82d3a2aa58842e60acd.jpg - Simplify your life
    Dropbox - 723a3c83ee674cca86b21d8938123a56.jpg - Simplify your life

    Please help

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