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Thread: Polishing PETG?

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    Polishing PETG?

    I had a simple box-like cap printed in PETG, but am not yet sure about the best way to finish this; I prefer a high-gloss finish. I spent a lot of time sanding it up to a 1000 grit, and rubbed it with a polishing liquid, only to find that I cannot go smoother than a satin gloss. Looks like it is the material that cannot go smoother? Is there any way to polish it to a high-gloss finish?

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    I would not recommend chemically smoothing PETG without a professional grade smoother, such as the Zortrax Apoller

    However, you can achieve a very glossy finish by wet sanding in circular motions up to 3000 grit sandpaper, and then using a polishing compound for the 3000 grit. We do this all the time and achieve very nice finishes.

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