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    Marlin loads Successfully, but doesn't print

    I have the current Marlin source code for a Zonestar P802QR2 printer (downloaded from Zonestar). The printer came with Repetier firmware, but I would like to migrate to Marlin since Zonestar indicates that's where they are going. I can successfully load the Marlin firmware. Everything looks good until I actually try to print. It appears to be reading and executing the first half dozen or so gcode commands from the .gcode file (the bed comes up to temperature, the extruder comes up to temperature, all three axis home). Sometimes I get a "click to continue printing" message on the LCD, sometimes not. Then I see the SD% line on the LCD wind up from 0 to 100% over 5 or 10 seconds. Nothing else happens. The bed and extruder cool down. The display says it printed for some 10s of second and some length of filament was extruded. It appears the .gcode file is being read, but only the first few commands actually executed. I get the same results whether I print from the SD card or directly from Cura via USB port.

    I've worked with Arduinos and I can compile the source code for the older Repetier firmware without any problems. Anybody have any idea what's going wrong?

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