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    Marlin 1.1.9 Firmware help on Ender 3 Pro

    Hello all. I was wondering if anyone is able to help decipher part of the Marlin firmware with me. I am trying to modify the power_loss_recovery.cpp section of the firmware. Right now since I have a BLTouch, when power loss recovery kicks in, it tries to home the Z access while X is in the far left position and try to lower Z until the home switch gets activated. With the BLTouch, the stock Z home switch is gone and the BLTouch is off the bed when it tries to do this and it ends up crashing into the bed. Normal homing works great and so does bed leveling, I only have this issue when doing the power loss recovery mode.

    This is where I was thinking I could add some more commands in:

    strcpy_P(job_recovery_commands[ind++], PSTR("M420 S0 Z0")); // Leveling off before G92 or G28

    strcpy_P(job_recovery_commands[ind++], PSTR("G92.0 Z0")); // Ensure Z is equal to 0
    strcpy_P(job_recovery_commands[ind++], PSTR("G1 Z2")); // Raise Z by 2mm (we hope!)
    strcpy_P(job_recovery_commands[ind++], PSTR("G28 R0"
    " S"
    #elif !IS_KINEMATIC
    " X Y" // Home X and Y for Cartesian

    What I would like to add in would be this routine. Raise Z 20 MM, Home X & Y. Move X and Y in 40 MM and Home Z. Raise Z 20mm and then go back to last saved location of power loss.
    Would that be possible to add each command like this one is listed? strcpy_P(job_recovery_commands[ind++], PSTR("G92.0 Z0"));

    Thanks for the help!

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