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    Maker select bulging on edges w/ indentations or holes

    It almost looks like over extrusion on areas where it has to stop and change direction. I have had to reduce x/y print to 800 and jerk to 8 to rectify some ringing but this was there before these changes. I am using a maker select w/ 45mm/sec exterior wall and 50mm/sec print speed so nothing too fast. I'm printing PLA at 205. Does anyone have any suggestion or idea where I can look at making changes. It's almost like the extruder is sitting at those locations a hair too long causing the over extrusion and bulging. Not sure if there is some random setting that could fix this. I'm curring slicking w/ cura built into repetier-host but I am familiar w/ and have slicr as well as Simplfy3D I can experiment with.

    Here is a sample of the issue.

    Thanks much,

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