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    Larger PETG part, extreme layer shifting (Over 50mm up and 20mm right)

    This is the largest item I printed on PETG and it's also the first one w/ my new microswiss all metal hot end. I have a maker select V2. I had printhead at 260 and bed at 60. The print not only shifted up gradually it went left. The bottom layers remained in place so it didn't warp and deboned from the bed, the top layers actually moved. The bed is moving freely w/o any binding anywhere. I've never seen this before and would love any insight on this. I may try the print in PLA to see if it happens again but that's a lot of wasted material. The layers are all well bonded, just severely shifted. I also have no idea why there is a blob on it either, the printhead shifts up and away from the job when the print is completed to prevent any oozing onto the printed item.

    Any ideas what could cause this?


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