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    Initial Impressions.

    I have just begun checking out printers available and the (new?) 'Trinus' has immediately caught my attention.
    Does anyone have experience with the 'Trinus' or maybe aother make with similar construction and layout?.

    The main features which I like about it are that it seems to be constructed mainly of steel and aluminium - it also uses "proper " leadscrews, all of which (to an oldtime engineer) makes sense!

    Then of course ... the price!

    I have some (limited) engraving experience from the past and these machines, as I see it, are very similar - I would like to use this machine mainly for the production of small metal casting patterns and also use it as a laser engraver, when needed.

    I would appreciate if someone could point me in the direction of some good advice/knowledge regarding electronics, print heads, plastic consumables and laser options for badge printing etc and of course,software is also something I will need to choose carefully.

    Any advice will be gratefully accepted.
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