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    Help on creating the correct support for a specific print

    Hello, and thank you in advance for anyone who can help with this problem. I am having trouble printing a part of a case of a remote control. I tried printing it on both sides, but have different problems on each. My printer is a Cel Robox RBX02 and I'm using the automaker software, which uses the cura slicer. As you can see in this picture: printhelp.jpg - Google Drive
    Ideally I'd like to print it top to bottom to get the best result, but unfortunately it creates that extra "line" probably because it needs some kind of support. But unfortuantely that support isn't generated with the support material from automaker, but it just adds it. And it's impossible to remove without creating other imperfections. And that's the most important part as it will connect to the other part of the case to look as if it was 1 piece.
    Any suggestions of how I can print it top to bottom without creating those lines? Please help, thank you a lot!!

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