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    Thumbs up Forms for DIY Injection moulding etc. machines

    Hello all,

    I'm just gettin involved in an art project recycling plastics with DIY machines. Maybe you already heard of A Big Bang for Plastic Recycling.

    We were wondering about methods to 3D print forms for those machines. I read that some SLA printing with high temperature resins could be one way of achieving this.

    Precious Plastic Community

    Restrictions, as far as I figured out, seem to be the number of possible injections until the form breaks (possibly 50 to 100 injections), maximal dimension of about 150 mm and the price of high temp resin. Recycling the forms also is no option

    How about the learning curve for getting started with SLA printing high temp resins for mouldmaking? Any idea about other methods I might could employ?

    For example do I already own two FDM printers. One guy suggested to use FDM prints for high temperature silicone moulds encapsulated by aluminium outer moulds. I don't know how this would be possible with machines that exert pressure instead of vacuum.

    We'd be really happy for any tips that help us finding a viable solution

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