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    Under extrusion and missing layers


    I have been getting under extrusion and missing layer issues (causing my model to be weak and crumbly). If I replace this part, it seems to fix everything. The part last for a few months so I get some good use out of it, but I'd like to understand why it might be happening. There doesn't seem to be much to the part.

    Replacing the nozzle itself doesn't fix the problem, only replacing the whole part. Even if I clean out anything stuck inside and try to reuse the part, I still get the same problem.

    This is from Anycubix mega i3. Not great, but it is my first printer to see how it goes. I mostly print miniatures using PLA or PETG.

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    Hi. Since you are printing minatures, I suspect that the issue you are having is heat creep. When you print in very high detail (low layer height) on low grade- hobbyist devices, this tends to happen. You can fix this issue by applying some high-quality thermal past to your heatbreak, switching to a bimetal heatbreak, or getting a higher quality printer, such as one from our Zortrax line.

    I will be writing about heatcreap solutions in my blog soon, here is a link for your future reference.

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