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    Arrow ender 5, prints not sticking to bed

    hi, got a cr10 mini a few weeks ago, and was having so much fun with it, so when I got a good deal on a ender 5, I bought it, first 5-6 prints was great, stuck to the bed without any problems, or adhesive, now, I get warping in the beginning on every print, when starting with the skirt.
    I dont feel that its a leveling issue, since Im used to leveling the cr10, no problems there, I tried using some of the adhesive I use on the cr10 bed on the ender 5, made no difference, plus when I stop the print, lower the z axis to remove it, I feel that the bed is verry unlevel, for that short period, from just lowering z, and gently removing the brim, can turn the knobs half a turn on every wheel.
    and I clean the magnetic mat the same whay that I clean the glass bed on the cr10, hot water, then rubbing alcohol.
    so what Im I missing, why do the prints not stick?

    edit: parts of the prints stick great to the bed, but the inside of the skirt corners get warped, never had that problem on the cr10, or the ender 5 for the first 6 prints.

    edit: been using the latest cura slicer with default profiles with the cr 10 since I got it, so I have been using it with the ender 5 too.
    I tried using creality slice, and the prints stick now with the ender 5, no warping, same as with the cura slicer the first 6 prints,Im finding this really strange.
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