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    Ender 3 vs Ender3 pro vs Ender 3 V2

    Hi all,

    I am looking to purchase my first 3d printer. I will be using it mostly for terrain and large figures for miniatures gaming (D&D, etc.)And some smaller minis if i can get it dialed in well enough. I also might periodically, use it for creating parts and tools for other applications. I am wondering with the ender 3 being around 230(Glass plate and extra nozzles upgrade), the Pro being approx 250 and the v2 being about 300 on amazon (I have gift cards I will be using)what makes the most sense? Going base and then buying/printing upgrades, going the Pro route and doing the same, or jumping to the V2 and the included quiet board? In any of the scenarios (or if you have a completely different Brand/model recommendation), what are the essential upgrades for what I plan on making?



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