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    Exclamation Ender 3 Pro Homeing failed


    I am a noob with the 3d printers. I just got my first printer the ender 3 pro. After my first print the "Auto Home" function is not working anymore.
    The only response I do get is a short "szzzz" from the engines. This will lead to this error message: Homeing Failed PRINTER Halted.

    I already checked the cables if there are all firmly seated and they are. Also I tried to move my axes via the software manually but there is a constant "szzzz".
    Before I press "Auto Home" I can move every part freely without any force.

    Does anybody have an idea what it could be?

    Thx in advance.

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    Hi. Did you mess with the connections on the motherboard? I have had these issues when installing new mother boards and accidentally putting wires in the wrong slot.

    3BA printing

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