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    Need Durable Printer for a large Project

    I'm embarking on a large project, where I'll have to create several hundred prints of 3 or so models. I'm a relative newbie, but have engineering experience and was as machining, welding etc, skills. I know how to model and use slicing software, but don't have ton of experience.

    I'll be cranking out hundreds of prints. They're not big, perhaps 25-30g/print after slicing for PLA. I fully expect to purchase a printer for this project, and I'm willing to pay for a good one, but not the top of the line. Let's say the budget tops out at $1250. FDM seems the way to go at the moment. I'll need the parts to be fairly tough, standing up to a constant load. Finish is of some concern and should be good, but re-working the parts a bit after printing is OK. The ability to print multiple different material would be preferred. Print time is negotiable, I have several months to complete the project, so accuracy and reliability is more important than speed. I'd like to print in batches, so a machine that can reliably print 9-36 parts at a go is ideal.

    The question: What is the optimal printer, in terms of accuracy, longevity, and ease of use that would fit this project.

    Many thanks!

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    Hope this helps.

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